Women in Transitional Times

Women in Transitional Times

Divorce, retirement, death, new career, empty nest, even buying or selling a house are just a few examples of life’s transitions that can leave you feeling preoccupied, stressed, worried, exhausted or overwhelmed. Adjustments are a part of everyone’s life and some changes are easier than others to adapt to.

Many women find themselves stressed out by the changes in life, even the events that “should” be positive. There might be too many worries on your mind, and they are affecting your sleep, relationships and sense of self. Previous ways of coping may not be working as well and old patterns of thinking and behaving may not be alleviating your low mood and increased anxieties.

Trying to be the perfect parent, spouse, adult child, co-worker, friend is leaving you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed and you wonder why you are not living up to your own standards. You don’t have to blame yourself or wonder, “What is wrong with me?”.

Stop beating yourself up. Let’s work together and to explore your feelings, receive support, discover your strengths and develop new strategies to help you understand, cope and accept the transitions of your authentic life with positivity and mindful self-compassion. Stop feeling like an “Imposter” and start finding self-acceptance.

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