4 Common Concerns About Starting Therapy

4 Common Concerns About Starting Therapy

You might be ready to seek out therapy because you are struggling with some specific issue, or you might be experiencing that sense of being overwhelmed with excessive and seemingly uncontrollable and repetitive worries. The decision to begin therapy is fraught with fear, ambivalence and shame.

Today’s popular culture promotes wellness and at the same time mental health is stigmatized. Images of the couch, clipboard and the therapist who is “crazier” than her patients are prominent in movies and television. It can feel overwhelming to begin the journey and stick with the process as you progress toward wellness.

Here is a list of common concerns about starting therapy that might help ease your mind and encourage you to take an important step on your own behalf:

  1. Fear of Self-Disclosure: You might be afraid to feel exposed, uncomfortable and fearful about discussing distressing and highly personal information to a counselor who is new to you. Acknowledging you need help may feel like an admission that you can’t handle your problems and can lead you to self-judgment.
  2. Fear of Judgment by Others: Looking for a therapist means that you acknowledge that what you are facing feels like more than you can handle on your own. Fears of being judged or labeled as weak or sick can be concerning. Seeking help might run counter to your cultural or community norms.
  3. Fear of What Happens in the Sessions: Therapy is a vulnerable experience that requires sharing highly personal and private information with someone new in your life. It is natural to worry about how you will be perceived and how you will feel. Part of therapy may require you to revisit painful or traumatic experiences. You might be uncomfortable with experiencing distressing feelings.
  4. Fear That Therapy Won’t Help: You might seek therapy in a desperate moment and or little hope that might translate into concerns about therapy really helping you.

Contrary to what you might think, seeking support is a courageous act that demonstrates strength. It requires you to take committed and positive steps on your own behalf. Many clients have expressed that despite their fears, going through the process of finding a therapist, making contact and securing an appointment helped them to feel a little better.

Once you decide to start your journey, the right therapist will skillfully help you address your concerns using empathy and encouragement. Therapy may begin with a focus on alleviating symptoms and then it becomes the place where you are empowered to start living the life you may have only imagined was possible.

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